Trip Digital Inc. is a unique collaborative artistic collective of composers, musicians, producers, and DJs, who have come together to revolutionize the world of Sound Design.

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Kris Payne is an artist from Long Island, NY. Payne was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, raised in Brooklyn, and spent his last decade Long Island, NY. Kris is a highly intellectual college student who knows how to mix the book smarts with the street smarts. He holds back nothing in rhymes. From commercial battles to street performances and even venues like SXSW, BET 106 & Park, Payne has come to remind the world of true Hip-Hop.                       


Nicole Benjamin is a skilled actor, singer/songwriter, and model born in New York City, and raised in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. Serious about performing arts from an early age, Nicole actively participated in Pieces of Gold, a North Carolina based United Arts Council showcase and through ability as well as dedication she has worked on countless theatre performances, won superior ratings at Adjudicators singing competitions nationally, and performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall on more than one occasion. She has worked with record labels, various artists and producers, and can you even catch her voicing Kayla on Amazon Prime’s, Fanny Fun Facts children's animated series. With a double major in arts management and musical theatre she attributes her artistry to being able to bridge the gap between the business and creative world.


Journey Will Jackson, Better known as Dj Journey, is an American music producer and film composer. Originally from Chicago, he moved to Los Angeles to expand his music knowledge, and work in the film business. Journey has since teamed up with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and Super Producer Keith Shocklee of Public Enemy. Through this partnership, he has gained extensive knowledge about the music industry. Dj Journey is also the founder of Trip Digital, Inc.a music licensing company which creates original content for film, television, commerce and video games. Dj Journey spends much time performing, traveling and seeking new talent.


Dev is a Hip Hop artist and actor who hails from Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY by way of Hollis, Queens, NY.  Born and raised in The Big Apple, he became a student of the arts, specifically Hip Hop.  He writes and records his own music which can be described as potent/high energy yet reflective at times.  His passion for creating definitely makes him one to watch.




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DJ Dcoded musical taste is deeply rooted in classic 90’s hip-hop and late 80’s Heavy Metal. Typically mixing 90s hip-hop/r&b, Top 40, 80s pop/rock and todays top hits for a memorable time. One of best parts of DJing is playing that new Top 10 hit next to a quick piece of 80s song then back to the latest Rihanna song to bring the audience to an unexpected and exciting place. Since graduating from Scratch he has DJed at places like: Fat Buddha in the East Village, Mr. Purple in the LES, and SoHo House in The Meatpacking District. He also contributes weekly mixes to the Trip Digital Radio show on the Dash Radio App.



Charles J. Jugans III. is a professional actor and musician playing the character of Sweet Chuck, a recording artist, writer and co-founder of S.C.R.D. "Breaking News" is Sweet Chuck's first solo debut, following four singles released in the past year under S.C.R.D. In the past, Charles played roles in both film and music videos including:  Alanis Morissette ”Unsent” and S.C.R.D.'s debut music video titled, "Downtown."



Nick Matthews, better known as Nick Hews, is an artist and lyricist with an extensive knowledge of the music creation process. Originally from Parker, Colorado, Nick moved to New York for nearly a decade to hone his knowledge of the industry. Acquiring a degree in audio engineering, Nick continued on to produce hip hop music and work as an assistant at Jay-Z's Roc the Mic studio. After studying with the best in and out of the studio, Nick spent years developing his sound  as a hip hop artist before finding his home with Trip Digital in Los Angeles, CA.






S.C.R.D., named after Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave, the two principal members of the group is based in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York. Together they infuse old skool beats, live instrumentation and witty, humorous and slightly satirically lude lyrics in order to take fans on a journey through heartbreaks with an ebullience for life and the thirst for adventure. Their collaboration between each other and other local musicians, thrives off the energy they bring to making records luring in unsuspecting fans into their musical tsunami. Each record and video drives the definition of artistic creativity to new heights.


Anna Aufseeser is a New York City musician, actor and writer.  She writes songs, plays keyboard, sings and produces electronic music.  Her music draws from many inspirations, including rock, electronica, philosophy and classical poetry.  Her songs have been performed at major venues such as Webster Hall, Williamsburg Music Hall and the Viper Room.  She has been a proud member of the Trip Digital team since 2013 as well as the electronic music duo, Purple Tree Project, with Trip Digital’s founder, Mr. Journey Will Jackson.  She is a graduate of Brown University and Michael Howard Studios acting conservatory.  



ProeGrayum Beatz aka ProeGrayum Da Aleen(The Alien) is a multi talented producer from the far southside of Chicago. ProeGrayum began to learn his new gear and study his craft even more in depth than the previous decade. Along with developing his own sound. Throughout the past year of 2016 ProeGrayum has competed in beat battles online from time to time and practiced religiously everyday on his MPC. ProeGrayum has multiple lanes he tends to ride in. Whether it's traditional boom bap or edm trap, ProeGrayum is well in tuned. He also delves into r&b, video game instrumentals and movie scores. The top goal and objective is to take you on an audible trip where you can see sounds, not just hear them. ProeGrayum is just getting started.



Miiss musiic....blues, rock, electronic, all emanating from her soul. singer, song~writer, staying true to her influences, from jazz, the 80's, hip hop and all inspiring perceptions that keep us evolving. avoiding all boxes and emerging in a time of like minded beings who don't need to know the category before they enjoy the music. fuck the boxes. xxxmm




Born in 1990, and at the age of twenty, I left Japan in order to pursue my dream and went to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. During that time my father became ill. Upon the worsening of his condition, I returned home to help take care of him and my family. The experience made me realize my true passion and deeper dream in music and entertainment. Since then, I have transitioned from fashion designer to artist and have been working on lyrics and production, combining Tokyo flows with New York sounds in collaboration with super producer Dj Journey.  In 2016, I returned back to New York and recorded my debut album, which will officially release in the Spring of 2017. Currently I am releasing select singles from the album across global online retailers and in collaboration with super producer Dj Journey, under Trip Digital, Inc.


Alexander Mazzone is a certified 6th generation Reiki Master who started the jewelry company Crystal Current.  Since the start of the company Alexander and his team have collected over 100 testimonials validating the healing power of this jewelry and converted many sceptics to believers.  On his metaphysical science journey he has learned advanced tarot and numerology from his Master Level Teacher Constance Oulette from Bristol Rhode Island,  he also learned the Shamanic Practice of 'Soul Retrieval'.  It brings him great joy to use his spiritual gifts to reintroduce people to their true potential and to facilitate the awakening of the masses.



Khzzari Ptah MaaRanu is a writer and musician from Orange County, California.  Born in 1995 from New Jersey, Khzzari found an outlet for expressing himself through writing poetry and music at an early age. He uses his words to vent his feelings, which have helped him grow and understand people and life. He uses his words for healing himself and others.Khzzari, believes that pain and personal experiences are a connection to people understanding one another, and this gives the ability for growth as a whole. His ultimate goal is to bring people from all walks of life together through his music. So that unconditional love and understanding of one another is expressed.


Inspired by the 90's hip hop and r&b era, Jeff grew up with an unconditional love for music. He cultivated his musical abilities in his elementary school's gospel choir & band in his hometown of Chicago. With his passion for music and his ability to write, Jeff is prepared to vividly paint a picture of life as he lives it.  Jeff delivers an authentic polished soulful hip hop sound. With a fusion of soul samples, story telling lyrics and hard hitting 808's, Jeff is solidifying his niche in hip hop while providing a breath of fresh air. Equipped with a great team of music enthusiast, Jeff is determined to reach the masses and share his unique sound.  
 "I'm truly blessed to have such gifted, dedicated people by my side as i embark upon my musical journey. I above everything just want people to hear what i have to say. It's a dream come true to be able to express myself through music...  I just want to be heard…"